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A comprehensive guide to Avellaneda & Stoikovs market-making strategy by hummingbot Hummingbot Blog

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Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & other 200+ crypto assets. Ensure you have enough quote and base tokens to place the bid and ask for orders. The strategy will not place any orders if you do not have sufficient balance on either side of the order. When placing orders, if the order’s size determined by the order price and quantity is below the exchange’s minimum order size, then the orders will not be created. Closing_time – Here, you set how long each “trading session” will take. This affects the (T-t) parameter we mentioned earlier.

We call trading cycles the interval of time where spreads start the widest possible and end up the smallest. Once the cycle is reset, spreads will start again, being the widest possible. We aim to teach new users the basics of market-making while enabling experienced users to exercise more control over how their bots behave. By default, when you run create, we ask you WAVES to enter the basic parameters needed for a market-making bot.

In the lastest news, Sepolia Shapella upgrade date was confirmed by Ethereum Devs, bringing the Shanghai Upgrade closer than ever! Once you set up the Bot, you have to watch the order book a regular intervals. You can try different strategies and optimize profit. Lastly, Enter the start command to start market making. Once you have entered the details correctly, you will be connected to the Exchange. Note that the first time WSL is executed, you will be asked to create a new default username/password.

Hummingbot launches the first live campaigns for liquidity mining

Hummingbot is an open-source software that helps traders like you build high-frequency crypto asset trading bots that specialize in market-making and arbitrage strategies. Not only that, with sophisticated strategies like Avellaneda, Hummingbot is the only trading bot designed for professional market makers and liquidity providers. Other benefits of Hummingbot includes customizable templates and built-in trading algorithms, including avellaneda market-making, as well as arbitrage strategies. Other benefits of Hummingbot include customizable templates and built-in trading algorithms, including avellaneda market-making, plus arbitrage strategies. Other benefits of Hummingbot include customizable templates and built-in trading algorithms, including avellaneda market making, and arbitrage strategies. The minimum_spread parameter is optional, it has no effect on the calculated reservation price and the optimal spread.

  • Market making in simple terms is the act of continuously generating buy and sell orders for an asset in a market.
  • The system is a modular framework for designing crypto high frequency trading bots.
  • I can’t start the robots like 12h in a row at moment.
  • Alchemy combines the most powerful web3 developer products and tools with resources, community and legendary support.
  • Developers can build bots through the BotCamp, and run them on Miner to earn dividends.

To achieve this, the strategy will optimize both bid and ask spreads and their order amount to maximize profitability. But this kind of approach, depending on the market situation, might lead to the market maker inventory skewing in one direction, putting the trader in a wrong position as the asset value moves against him. Before any estimates can be given, both estimators need to have their buffers filled. By default the lengths of these buffers are set to be 200 ticks.

Anyway, only hummingbot avellaneda results can convince us of this. DYdX is the developer of a leading decentralized exchange on a mission to build open, secure, and powerful financial products. DYdX runs on audited smart contracts on Ethereum, which eliminates the need to trust a central exchange while trading. We combine the security and transparency of a decentralized exchange, with the speed and usability of a centralized exchange. Afterward, Hummingbot will work with the winning developer to merge the strategy into the official Hummingbot codebase.

It’s a market-making bot with arbitrage features that can be used on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Canadian crypto exchange NDAX, today announced a new partnership with Hummingbot, the open-source software to build and run customizable trading strategies. By partnering with Hummingbot, NDAX clients can now easily set up, connect to, and automate trading on the NDAX platform. Canadian cryptocurrency exchange NDAX today announced a new partnership with Hummingbot, Open source software Build and run customizable trading strategies. By cooperating with Hummingbot, NDAX customers can now easily set up, connect and automate transactions on the NDAX platform.

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This implies that there is a low trading volume decreasing the probability to have a successful trade within the next time period. Moreover, market makers in these markets have a passive market impact, i.e. they produce a price perturbation by liquidity provision. Canadian cryptocurrency exchange NDAX, today announced a new cooperation with Hummingbot, the open source software to build And run customizable trading strategies. Thanks to the partnership with Hummingbot, NDAX customers can now easily set up, connect and automate trading on the NDAX platform. The feature allows people, using the system, to provide market making services to get even more tokens as rewards.

  • Other benefits of Hummingbot include customizable templates and built-in trading algorithms, including avellaneda market making, and arbitrage strategies.
  • The higher the value, the more aggressive the strategy will be to reach the inventory_target_base_pct, increasing the distance between the Reservation price and the market mid price.
  • Stay informed on the latest trending ML papers with code, research developments, libraries, methods, and datasets.
  • Other benefits of Hummingbot includes customizable templates and built-in trading algorithms, including avellaneda market-making, as well as arbitrage strategies.
  • To get started with Hummingbot, check out their quick start guides and docs.

These are additional s that you can reconfigure and use to customize the behavior of your strategy further. To change its settings, run the command config followed by the parameter name, e.g. config max_order_age. You will need to hold a sufficient inventory of quote and or base currencies on the exchange to place orders of the exchange’s minimum order size. But for now, it is essential to know that using a significant κ value, you are assuming that the order book is denser, and your optimal spread will have to be smaller since there is more competition on the market.


Download Hummingbot, install, start, and update the script. While installing, it will restart your system, so don’t worry about it. Once installed successfully, it will ask to set the username and password. Alternatively, after WSL is installed, search for Ubuntu in the Windows Store and install it as an app in the Start menu. That way, you don’t have to run Powershell every time you use Hummingbot.


The first challenge is to create a new strategy to be used with the Hummingbot client, leveraging dYdX advantages . This proposal builds upon the previously approved HGP-27, which was implemented as a 7-week trial. We are pleased with the level of engagement and support shown by community members during the trial period. It is encouraging to see the dedication and commitment demonstrated by these members.

Open source and free — Hummingbot is a local software client that never exposes your keys externally. The entire codebase is publicly auditable on Github. Try setting volatility_buffer_size and trading_intensity_buffer_size to 20, and waiting a few minutes.

Community strategies have passed the Minimum Voting Power Threshold in the latest Poll and are included in each monthly release. They are not maintained by Hummingbot Foundation but may be maintained by a community member. The main component of the increase of the portfolio value \(V_T\) in or is the \(X_T\) summand, which in this case is not passing through profit making “buy and sell” cycles. Papers With Code is a free resource with all data licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Hummingbot Foundation has never conducted any pre-sale or sale of HBOT tokens, and anyone purporting to offer HBOT tokens is a scammer. Invite community members who are keen to share their knowledge related to Hummingbot via YouTube Livestreams and/or blog posts. Total rewards are distributed evenly per minute, which is then allocated to our miners according to how tight their spreads are and their order amount. Reward gets exponentially higher when the spread of your market orders are closer to the mid-price.

WSL lets developers run a Linux environment directly on Windows, unmodified, without the overhead of a traditional virtual machine or dual boot setup. With WSL, Windows 10/11 users are able to run a Linux Virtual Machine without performance loss and the need for dual boot. I can’t start the robots like 12h in a row at moment. Tried like 6 restarts of robots, restart of server nothing.

Resources and Guides About Transaction Tools

With our integration, we will also be launching the first of many crypto trading competitions shortly. An important part of a trader’s success, especially those who trade frequently, is the ability to recognize patterns in trading data. Keeping a close eye on the crypto asset market may be difficult for people with limited experience in this field. Hummingbot can help such traders by providing thorough documentation regarding all the strategies and how parameters may be set to achieve an advantage in trading. With the help of Hummingbot, you can trade tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and several other altcoins. This high-frequency trading bot has been designed to trade crypto assets at the highest speed and reliability and can place and change trading orders every second, as per your need.


The assumption was that the market maker wants to end the trading day with the same inventory he started. Our first trading competition open to all Canadians verified on NDAX, will kick off in the coming weeks. This initial trading competition will reward top traders by overall volume across all trading pairs on NDAX with an exciting prize pool to be won. As we continue to build Canada’s most advanced crypto platform providing tighter spreads and the best prices for Canadians, NDAX is thrilled to make another big leap forward. DYdX has subtle but potentially significant differences with other perpetual exchanges supported by Hummingbot.

We tried to enlarge both buffer size but with no luck. An Avellaneda strategy feature that recalculates your hanging orders with aggregation of volume weighted, volume time weighted, and volume distance weighted. An amount in seconds, which is the duration for the placed limit orders. The limit bid and ask orders are canceled, and new orders are placed according to the current mid-price and spread at this interval.


The minimum spread related to the mid-price allowed by the user for bid/ask orders. The exchange where the bot will place the bid and ask orders. In expert mode, the user will need to directly define the algorithm’s basic parameters described in the foundation paper, and no recalculation of parameters will happen.

Many alt-coins are highly correlated with BTC and/or ETH, so alt-coin prices tend to move in response when prices of those large coins move. However, this price correlation may fluctuate or take longer to transpire on certain markets, creating opportunities for bots. Connect with other community members who are startup founders, hedge fund traders, and developers actively researching HB for various strategies.

The closer the risk_factor is to zero, the more symmetrical will be orders will be created, and the Reservation price will be pretty much equal to the market mid price. Fees for the different order types which enters formula and restrict market makers to continuously change their bid and ask offers. Forex-review site is the best platform across the web that provides deep analytic and reviews about the functionality of the Forex market. You can find reviews on robots, signals, brokers, trading courses, and trading tools.

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